Adam and Steve

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When I see hateful marquees like this advertised at a Nashville church, it only makes my voice louder. I never felt comfortable at churches, probably because finding one that is accepting is difficult as someone who doesn’t fit the norm of church-goers.

He created Adam and Eve. He created Adam and Steve. He created Amy and Eve.

He created us all– gay and straight, bisexual and transgender, white and black. To say that He doesn’t want Adam and Steve or Amy and Eve to express their love for one another is to say that He did something wrong. I’d also like to add that, just like Adam, LGBT people don’t have a choice. He didn’t ask to marry Eve. We didn’t ask to be gay or bisexual or transgender. God just made that choice for us, and just like Adam, we have to go on with life with something that is out of our hands.

Bottom line: Churches, you have an obligation. You have an obligation to teach young children the value in loving thy neighbor, accepting one another for who God made them to be, and to be open to diverse communities. This includes lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, and all the orientations in between. You have a duty to your religion and to your country, and most churches are not fulfilling this duty.

Traditionally, churches have been exempt from taxes because of the positive contribution their institutions make towards society. Call me crazy, but hateful words about a government who ALLOWS you to be profitable, does not seem to be a positive contribution to my community. That’s right, if you think same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, then let’s talk about your insane unconstitutional tax breaks, which force every community to pay up on institutions they don’t necessarily believe in. As Mark Twain argued: “no church property is taxed and so the infidel and the atheist and the man without religion are taxed to make up the deficit in the public income thus caused.”

Lastly, churches, tax-exempt status is a privilegenot a right – and you should be held to the same standards as other non-profits – if not higher standards. This country is not run on theocracy. It is run on democracy. The people spoke, and the Supreme Court listened and ruled the Law of the Land was based on constitutional rights, not biblical jargon.

You don’t pay property tax, you don’t pay income taxes, and any donation made to your institution is all tax deductible. Remember, churches, stay out of politics and public policy, just like your tax-exempt papers states you should do in order to remain a privileged institution in the eyes of the constitution. 🙂

Please, churches, you have it easy compared to the rest of America. All we ask is that you accept everyone. Your behavior turns people away, thus making me question what your real purpose is in my community. Don’t be a dick. Let me love who I want to love.

–Concerned citizen

“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” – your words, not mine.

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